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Ride Psychocandy 21/22

Ride Psychocandy 21/22

The product you are viewing now (Ride Psychocandy 21/22) has been in our product range for a long time. We last had this in 2022. Unfortunately, this is no longer available.

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Ride Psychocandy 21/22

Ride Psychocandy 21/22

CAD 504.95

This product is unfortunately no longer available.

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Product Description

The Ride Psychocandy is a rigid board with good properties carve on the slopes, which also remains stable at high speed. The Psychocandy and sends exactly the right flex for flexibility and control in the field. The longer tip of the board gives the Psychocandy is very good float in the powder. Whether you're standing on hard trails in rugged terrain or thick powder, Psychocandy is ready for anything..

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Ride says about the Psychocandy 21/22

The PSYCHOCANDY has additional sizes this year to accommodate all riders. The shape is based on the innovative WARPIG, so the board is designed to be ridden 3 to 6 cms shorter than your standard board and approaches the mountain with the same ideology attitude that the WARPIG is known for. A Tapered Bi-Radial Sidecut maximizes grip and allows the PSYCHOCANDY to maintain speed in all conditions. Carbon Slimewalls® enhance response and stability. The PSYCHOCANDY is a directional all-mountain board designed to ride like a WARPIG so you can tackle any and all terrain the mountain has to offer, be it park, pipe, pow or slush.

Product specifications
Product descriptionPsychocandy 21/22
TypeSurfy, resort, piste & pow intermediate
886745911203 - Ride Psychocandy 21/22 - 138 886745911074 - Ride Psychocandy 21/22 - 142 886745911142 - Ride Psychocandy 21/22 - 146 886745911807 - Ride Psychocandy 21/22 - 150 886745941644 - Ride Psychocandy 21/22 - 154 886745942221 - Ride Psychocandy 21/22 - 158