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Ride Peace Seeker

Ride Peace Seeker

The product you are viewing now (Ride Peace Seeker) has been in our product range for a long time. We last had this in 2022. Unfortunately, this is no longer available.

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Ride Peace Seeker

Ride Peace Seeker

CAD 814.95

This product is unfortunately no longer available.

Product video
Product Description

The Ride Peace Seeker is a rigid board with good properties carve on the slopes, which also remains stable at high speed. The Peace Seeker and sends exactly the right flex for flexibility and control in the field. The longer tip of the board gives the Peace Seeker is very good float in the powder. Whether you're standing on hard trails in rugged terrain or thick powder, Peace Seeker is ready for anything..

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Ride says about the Peace Seeker

The all-new Peace Seeker is a collaborative effort between Jake Blauvelt and our snowboard engineer. The Peace Seeker is designed to ride all over the mountain with a focus on power and drive. The unique Bi-Radial sidecut design offers the lightning-fast turn initiation of our pig models and the shape and construction allow for limitless support off the tail for longer more sustained turns. The longer nose shape eats up high frequency vibrations and keeps the nose floating above powder and chop at top speed. Our new glass pedal construction and tail design helps to squeeze every last drop of power out of your turns. Forget what you think about shorter snowboards and prepare to have your mind blown. This board is exactly what you’d expect from Jake, fast precise and smooth.

“We went into development of the Peace Seeker with the goal of creating a board that would be super responsive and float even at slower speeds for milking every last pow pocket and at the same time hold its own in demanding and deep terrain. Very stoked to have this board in the quiver” -Jake Blauvelt

Product specifications
ProfileAdditional camber
TypePiste carv & advanced | piste & pow advanced
886745992004 - Ride Peace Seeker - 138 886745970286 - Ride Peace Seeker - 142 886745967552 - Ride Peace Seeker - 147 886745969518 - Ride Peace Seeker - 151 886745967439 - Ride Peace Seeker - 155