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Black Crows
Black Crows

Black Crows

Black Crows is an independent French freeski brand from Chamonix, the capital of freeriding. Founded in 2006 by pro freeskiers Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet. Black Crows has focused on everything off-piste from day one. The first model, the Corvus, had the black alpine jackdaw as its print and thus the name Black Crows was born. 'Choughs' are one of the few birds that can fly at altitudes over 4,000 meters, and provide a reassuring presence for skiers and mountaineers facing the solitude often felt in the high mountains. The success of Black Crows is also due to its many ambassadors: passionate skiers who have ensured that authenticity remains emblematic of the brand.

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Black Crows focuses on what happens off the slopes. Therefore, all models have a freeride construction with the corresponding rocker. Black Crows Birdie models are specific ladies skis. The construction is identical to the men's version but with a different print and available in shorter lengths. The narrowest Black Crows model is the Black Crows Vertis and Vertis Birdie. With 80 mm underfoot they are certainly also fun to ski with on the slopes. The widest is the Black Crows Nocta. With 122 mm under the foot a real deep powder ski. The Black Crows Freebird series consists of freeride lightweight and touring skis. Light to walk up the mountain with in the morning, perfect for a nice section afterwards. For the smaller ski talents among us there is the Black Crows Junius. Playful junior ski that  makes you feel at home in all of the snow conditions.

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Black Crows