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Petzl GRIGRI Plus

Petzl GRIGRI Plus

CAD 144.95
CAD 144.95

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Product Description

The Petzl GRIGRI Plus

The GRIGRI is Petzl's legendary belay device and the GRIGRI Plus has even more options! To start with, the GRIGRI Plus can do everything that the GRIGRI can do, but in addition improvements have been made and extra functions have been added.

Extra features compared to the GRIGRI:

- The handle of the GRIGRI Plus has an 'anti-panic' feature: if (less experienced?) climbers pull too hard, for example if they are scared the climber will fall, the GRIGRI Plus still blocks the rope. In that case the rope would have free passage with the GRIGRI.

- With a button on the back of the device you can put the GRIGRI Plus in a 'toprope' position for use in a climbing garden or indoor. Passing the rope is smoother, but the blocking function also catches on faster: this makes the GRIGRI Plus, unlike the GRIGRI, also suitable for novice climbers.

- The edge over which the rope runs is made of stainless steel with the GRIGRI Plus, which extends the lifespan. With the GRIGRI, this is an edge of aluminum.

For the sake of completeness, here are the standard features of all GRIGRI's:

The GRIGRI makes it easier to control a fall of the lead climber and the plastic handle gives unprecedented control when lowering a climber while top roping and during rappelling. NB: rappelling is done on only one strand of the rope and may require a special technique.

The GRIGRI automatically blocks when the lead climber falls, even if the belayer does not hold the rope properly. Thanks to this self-blocking function, belaying is very comfortable and above all safe.

The GRIGRI is designed for use with single ropes with diameters of 8.5-11 mm (optimal for 8.9-10.5 mm). The device is engraved with a diagram how to insert the rope.

Certification (s): CE EN 15151-1, UIAA

Product specifications
MaterialAluminum - stainless steel - nylon
To useSport climbing - indoor to climb
Touwdiameter8.5 - 11 mm
Weight200 gr
3342540106536 - Petzl GRIGRI Plus Grey One Size 3342540106550 - Petzl GRIGRI Plus Violet One Size 3342540106543 - Petzl GRIGRI Plus Orange One Size