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American Robert (Bob) Lange worked on the development of the plastic-reinforced ski boot from 1948. In 1962 Lange launched the world's first plastic ski boot. First with laces and a few years later the first with metal buckles. Lange is thus the origin of the ski boots as we know them today. Lange works with the world's best athletes. This started in 1967 with Canadian Nancy Greene aka "The Tiger", who won a World Cup for the first time with the LANGE COMP boot. Many victories for Lange followed: Alberto Tomba, Deborah Compagnoni, Julia Mancuso, Maria Hoefl Riesch, Tina Maze, Lara Gut and many more.

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Lange Inspiration

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Lange - Dual Core

Be Foot - Centric 
The constant collaborations with the best bootfitters in the world, along with 3D scans and data from over 40,000 feet has led to a deep understanding of how the skiing foot works. 

Be Technical  
Tireless development, handcrafting and testing sessions deliver the ultimate blend of comfort and performance for every foot shape. 

Be Passionate  
Since its beginnings in 1948, Lange has had the passion and desire to help skiers perform better resulting in a number of key innovations in ski boot development worldwide.  

Dual Core 

Using a revolutionary new injection method, both soft and rigid versions of the highest quality plastics (polyether, polyurethane, grilamid®) are simultaneously and purposefully injected into the shoe shape. The result: the patented Dual Core.  Dual Core brings together the properties of soft and rigid plastics providing an even flex combined with explosive rebound.  


Lange has 4 core models that cater to all feet and skiers. The Lange RS series for the piste race cannons among us. In the all mountain category there is the RX series and the LX series. The RX is a standard medium volume boot but does have the typical Lange feature: the compact heel. The RX series is also available in low volume. The LX series are ski boots with a wide last and high volume. 

For the freeriders among us, Lange has launched the new XT3 series in 2021. With a range of motion of 53 degrees a fantastic ratio between running and skiing performance.

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