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DMM Belay Master 2

DMM Belay Master 2

CAD 26.95
CAD 26.95

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Product Description

DMM Belay Master 2 extra secure carabiner

Extra secure carabiners, also called 'safebiners', such as the DMM Belay Master 2 are nowadays recommended, or mandatory in many climbing gyms and gardens. The clip can only be closed if the screw has first been fully closed. So you can see at a glance whether the carabiner is locked. The DMM Belay Master 2 is therefore a 'safe biner' or 'extra secure carabiner' in optimum form!

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DMM Belay Master 2 extra beveiligde carabiner

Extra beveiligde carabiners, ook wel 'safebiners' genoemd, zoals de DMM Belay Master 2 zijn tegenwoordig aangeraden, dan wel verplicht in veel klimhallen en -tuinen. De clip kan uitsluitend gesloten worden als de schroef eerst volledig is dicht gedraaid. In één oogopslag zie je dus of de carabiner vergrendeld is. De DMM Belay Master 2 is dan ook een 'safe biner' of 'extra beveiligde carabiner' in optima forma!

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Product specifications
Breaking strength transverse10 kn
Breaking strength major axis25 kn
CertificationAnd 362:2004 b/t , and 12275:2013 b & h
Material carabiner100% aluminum
Gate opening20 mm
Sterkte geopend8 kn
To useTo climb - sport climbing - indoor to climb
Locking systemScrew lock
Weight93 gr
5031290229104 - DMM Belay Master 2