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Coghlans Matches Waterproof

Coghlans Matches Waterproof

CAD 6.49
CAD 6.49

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Product Description

Water-resistant matches, matches that burn even in wet conditions. As a result, matches that are not relevant are history. The total of 160 matches are divided into 4 boxes of 40 water-resistant matches each.

Waterproof matches

Matches that work in almost all conditions

To make fire even in harsh conditions

4 boxes of 40 matches each

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Waterbestendige lucifers. Lucifers die zelfs branden in natte omstandigheden. Hierdoor zijn lucifers die niet aangaan verleden tijd. De in totaal 160 lucifers zijn verdeeld over 4 doosjes van ieder 40 waterbestendige lucifers.

Waterbestendige lucifers

Lucifers die werken in vrijwel alle omstandigheden

Om ook in barre omstandigheden vuur te maken

4 Doosjes met ieder 40 lucifers

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Coghlans says about the Matches Waterproof

Water resistant matches. Matches that burn even in wet conditions. This makes matches that do not light a thing of the past. The total of 160 matches is divided over four little boxes of 40 waterproof matches each.

Product specifications
Contains4 boxes with everyone 40 matches, in total 160 matches
Width1,7 cm
Height4 cm
Pack size2 x 13 x 17 cm
Weight 50 gr
0056389009400 - Coghlans Matches Waterproof