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Bo-Camp Houtkachel Falconwood Black

Bo-Camp Houtkachel Falconwood Black

CAD 309.95
CAD 309.95

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Product Description

Bo-Camp says about the Houtkachel Falconwood

Convenient wood stove with an unique look from the Urban Outdoor collection. This wood stove not only gives your place an unique look, but also features some nice benefits. For example, the divisible chimney has a spark arrester. This prevents sparks from flying around and is therefore much safer than an open fire. The stove can be used under an awning with the chimney outside. This provides fine heating under an awning. In addition, the stove is equipped with a hot plate. This also allows water or food to be boiled on the stove. The material of the stove is steel.

Product specifications
GeschiktvoorUse below a awning with the schoorsteen outside
IncludingVonkvanger, divisible schoorsteen and kookplaatje
Dimensions45 x 57 x 109.5 cm
Weight 8.4 kg
8712013186009 - Bo-Camp Houtkachel Falconwood