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Bo-Camp French Press PC 600ml Transparant

Bo-Camp French Press PC 600ml Transparant

CAD 28.95
CAD 28.95

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Product Description

Bo-Camp says about the French Press PC 600ml

Make a nice cup of coffee in no time with the french press. This coffee maker has plunger and a built-in filter screen that presses hot water trough ground coffee. This results in the initiation of the extraction process of the coffee. Let stand the coffee for 3-4 minutes to release flavors. The material of the french press is polycarbonate. This makes the french press almost unbreakable, light weight and scratch proof.

Product specifications
Diameter9 cm
Pack size10 x 12 x 18,5 cm
Weight 0.3 kg
8712013005652 - Bo-Camp French Press PC 600ml