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In 1984, Nicole Giraudon introduced France's first avalanche beacon: the Arva 4000. In 1998, Arva was one of the first in the world to launch the digital avalanche transceiver. Arva's mission is to develop equipment that enables rescue operations in the mountains. By innovating in a responsible and sustainable way, the products have a positive impact on the environment and climate. As an independent family business, ARVA is free to make choices that result in the best and most reliable products, without pressure from shareholders or investors. This freedom allows ARVA to invest fully in research and development for snow safety products, with the goal of saving lives. Protecting and saving lives has been at the heart of the company for over thirty years.

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Arva - Reactor Airbag System

Arva Reactor

"The lightest, most compact and highest-performance dual airbag on the market."

Arva has played an important role in the development of avalanche airbag systems in recent years. Arva has worked intensively for 2 years to develop their own airbag system: the Reactor. 

In France, more than 60% of the rescue services, use the Arva Reactor Airbag.

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