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8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's

8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's

CAD 239.95
CAD 239.95

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Product Description

8848 Altitude says about the Tumblr Pant Women's

Tumblr Pant is the ski pant that makes skiing more fun – and better looking. You get a wonderfully comfortable feeling in every turn thanks to the freedom of movement that the durAtec® Super Stretch material gives and with the slim fit, you get a fabulous silhouette that follows your curves perfectly. Of course, feeling stylish and strong means that you shine a little extra in the piste. We are just as happy and proud of how many girls and women today have found their favourite ski pant in Tumblr Pant. From trend-setting influencers to skier-moms, everyone seems to love it, and they've lifted it to be a constant bestseller on our charts. An appreciated option is that we also offer the pant in "Long Leg" sizes that are adapted for you who have long legs. "Long Leg" sizes are about 5 cm longer than regular pant length. These sizes are marked with an "L", e.g. "38 L". The extraordinary smoothness with 4-way stretch is one of the durAtec® Super Stretch material's unique advantages, it also has good breathability to keep the body dry and the material's water-repellent finish provides good protection in normal weather conditions. The material also has soft fleece on the inside which creates an exclusive and luxurious feeling. The pant has elastic snogaiters to hold tight against the boot and with the zippers at the bottom you can adjust the width for a stylish and personalized look. On the inside of the legs, we have put reinforcements that protect against sharp skis and ice. The stylish, black stretch belt with metal buckle is included. With its superb comfort and perfect fit, you get a better skiing experience with the Tumblr Pant, but many also use it as a stylish all-round winter pant, which makes it incredibly versatile. No matter how you choose to use it, we hope you discover the magic of Tumblr Pant.

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Product specifications
Material82% polyamide- 18% elastane
Other specificationsWater column 8.000 mm, breathable power: 6.000g/m2/24h
FitSlim fit
Technology/constructionDuratec® super stretch
Breathability6.000 g/m²/24h
7332520885762 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's White 34 (XS) 7332520885779 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's White 36 (S) 7332520885786 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's White 38 (M) 7332520885793 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's White 40 (M-L) 7332520885809 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's White 42 (L) 7332520885816 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's White 44 (XL) 7332520885823 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's Black 34 (XS) 7332520885830 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's Black 36 (S) 7332520885847 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's Black 38 (M) 7332520885854 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's Black 40 (M-L) 7332520885861 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's Black 42 (L) 7332520885878 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's Black 44 (XL) 7332520970611 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's Purple 34 (XS) 7332520970628 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's Purple 36 (S) 7332520970635 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's Purple 38 (M) 7332520970642 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's Purple 40 (M-L) 7332520970659 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's Purple 42 (L) 7332520970666 - 8848 Altitude Tumblr Pant Women's Purple 44 (XL)