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    Gore tex jackets

    A Gore-tex jacket is a waterproof, breathable jacket. Gore-tex itself guarantees that the jacket is waterproof and has high breathability. The breathability ensures that the Gore-tex jacket stays as dry as possible inside. 3-layer Gore-tex is the strongest and most durable construction, so the jacket keeps functioning even in extreme conditions.

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    Buying a Gore-tex jacket 

    If you are planning on buying a Gore-tex jacket, there are a number of things to keep in mind. As mentioned, a 3-layer construction, where the outer fabric, the Gore-tex laminate and the lining are bonded together into a single layer, is the strongest construction for a jacket. The 3-layer Gore jackets are in that sense the most functional jackets.  

    But there is more to choose from. There are several variants of Gore-tex. The basis of all these variants is always the well-known and guaranteed waterproof Gore-tex membrane, but the thickness of the outer fabric, the connection with the lining, the used lining or liner can differ. There are now several types of Gore-tex, each with their own name. 
    - Gore-tex Pro 
    - C-knitt 
    - Gore Active Shell 
    - Gore-tex (classic)