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Nomad Triple-S Premium

Nomad Triple-S Premium

CAD 164.95
CAD 164.95

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Product Description

Nomad says about the Triple-S Premium

With the multifunctional NOMAD® Triple-S Premium 3-season sleeping bag, you will be well catered for throughout the year. This sleeping bag can easily be changed from a blanket model into a mummy version using the cords on the outside. It also has a summer side and an autumn side, so you need only turn it over to sleep cooler or warmer.

The outside of the Triple-S Premium is made from lightweight polyester, and the inner layer, or lining, is made from extra-soft 100% recycled polyester. It has been made water-repellent in a nature-friendly way using a PFC-free treatment.

This sleeping bag can be used in no fewer than four different ways, depending on the season or temperature. To adjust the Triple-S Premium, please refer to the explanation below.

● Summer side: on warmer nights, you can sleep under the summer side of the Triple-S Premium. The different sides are clearly marked at the top left-hand corner of the sleeping bag. The summer side of the sleeping bag obviously provides a bit less insulation than the autumn side.

● Autumn side: when the nights start to turn a bit nippier, you can turn the sleeping bag over and sleep under the autumn side of the Triple-S Premium. Once again, you can clearly identify the autumn side at the top left-hand corner of the bag. The autumn side of the Triple-S Premium has a higher insulation value than the summer side.

● From blanket to mummy sleeping bag: whether you are sleeping under the summer or autumn side of the Triple-S Premium, pulling on the three cords on the outside will transform it into a mummy sleeping bag. Tightening the sleeping bag more firmly around your body in this way retains more warmth.

● Zip-in sheet bag: if you would like your Triple-S to be even warmer, you can zip in the sheet bag supplied to create an additional warm layer in your sleeping bag. The sheet bag can also be used separately on very warm nights or as a sheet, for example, when sleeping in a cabin during a cabin trip.

The Triple-S Premium comes with a zip-off hood which can be attached to either the autumn or summer side. This sleeping bag also includes a 2-way zip with two sliders so that it can be opened from both ends. This feature comes in handy if, for example, you only want to zip open the lower part of your sleeping bag to air your feet. Because the zip can be opened fully, the Triple S Premium can also be used as a blanket or zipped onto a similar sleeping bag to create a double bag.

The zip is finished such that it can never snag the inner fabric, and has a padded draught strip to prevent the loss of valuable body warmth via the zip. The zip also has a glow-in-the-dark zip puller, so you can always find it, even in the dark. There is also a dedicated compartment inside the sleeping bag where you can store your small, valuable belongings.

It is easy to air the Triple-S Premium after use thanks to the handy suspension loops on the outside. It can then be stored it in a very compact format using the compression stuff bag supplied.

For optimum comfort, the recommended maximum body length for this sleeping bag is 190 centimetres.

The Triple-S Premium can be used throughout the year. Approximate comfort temperatures are 4°C for women and -2°C for men. This sleeping bag should never be used at temperatures below -17°C.

Product specifications
Weight 1700 gr + 250 gr
8713044784691 - Nomad Triple-S Premium Trekking Left 8713044784707 - Nomad Triple-S Premium Trekking Right