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Nitro Pantera

Nitro Pantera

The product you are viewing now (Nitro Pantera) has been in our product range for a long time. We last had this in 2023. Unfortunately, this is no longer available.

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Nitro Pantera

Nitro Pantera

CAD 704.95

This product is unfortunately no longer available.

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Product Description

The Nitro Pantera is a high-rigidity high-end super board with good performance carving on the slopes, which also remains very stable at the highest speeds. The Pantera has a lot of power in the area and maintains high-speed cornering. The Pantera is incredibly precise and demanding, but delivers absolutely everything you need when you insert the correct energy.

The longer tip of the board gives the Pantera is very good float in the powder. Whether hunt full speed through powder fields or large carves makes on the steepest slopes, the Pantera provides all perfection.

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Nitro says about the Pantera

Introducing the brand-new Nitro Pantera – a shape engineered for speed freaks looking for psycho control on and off the fresh groomers. Built specifically for riders looking for a race and speed experience unlike anything seen before.

The new Pantera brings a new focus on speed and racing design to allow riders looking for speed to experience an actual speed machine. The all-new progressive shape and sidecut without taper allow for psycho edge control and power when hitting record-breaking speeds. At the same time, the Reflex Core Profile and Mid-Wide (or Wide) widths will enable you to dig deep into the apex of the turn without losing any speed or focus. The trusted combination of Trüe Camber, Diamond Bands, and Tri-Lite Laminates provides a ride so responsive that you will feel like a formula one driver navigating down the mountain. The one-of-a-kind speed comes from our fastest Sintered Speed Formula II Base and lightweight Powerlite Core for a hyper smooth glide at minimum weight. If you are a fan of the previous Pantera’s or a speed freak new to this genre, we highly recommend you take this brand-new Directionally shaped Pantera for a speed check! This is where you will find the world´s most powerful snowboard turn!

Product specifications
ProfileTrue camber
TypePiste carver, technical piste & freeride
7630221841491 - Nitro Pantera - 160 7630221841507 - Nitro Pantera - 163