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ABS P.Ride Base Unit

ABS P.Ride Base Unit

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Product Description

The big problem with airbags is that avalanche victims fail to activate the airbag system in about 12% of cases. The solution is in the ABS P.Ride base unit: someone else from the group can activate your airbag! Via an electronic system all members from a group are 'connected' to each other and thus they can activate each other's airbag. You can activate the airbags of all members of the group at once or only those of one person. Of course you can always activate your own airbag. Like all ABS airbags, the ABS P.Ride base unit also has two independent airbags in case one gets a leak. The new design also guarantees 30% more surface area and that makes the system even more effective. Moreover, the new material is even stronger and more tear-resistant than before. On the ABS P.Ride base unit you can optionally zip a backpack.

Benefits of the ABS P.Ride base unit

  • Group members can activate each other's airbag
  • 30% larger surface
  • New stronger material of the balloons
  • Ramp system for use of multiple backpacks
1000000321593 - ABS P.Ride Base Unit Deep Blue One Size